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The true ‘inventor’ of Tarmac came along purely by accident when in 1901, a gentlemean by the name of Edgar Purnell Hooley was walking when he noticed a smooth stretch of road. This smooth surface he found out, was due to a barrel of tar falling onto the road, and someone pouring waste slag from the nearby furnaces to cover up the mess. Hooley noticed this had solidified the road, and there was no rutting and no dust. In 1902 he went on to patent ‘tarmac’ which involved mechanically mixing tar and aggregate prior to lay-down, and then compacting the mixture with a steamroller. The tar was modified by adding small amounts of Portland cement,resin, and pitch.


Tarmac is now arguably the most common road surfacing material used around the world and is also one of the most popular surfaces used for driveways and paths too. AAA Driveway Solutions Ltd have paved tarmac paths, roads, driveways etc across the Hazlemere and surrounding areas for both domestic and commercial customers for over 3 generations.


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The guys have done a superb and professional job at all stages in resurfacing our farm road. Sid's advice at the initial design stage was excellent and improved a great deal on my thoughts for the project. Construction was rapid and the final result a delight. Absolutely a company I would be happy to recommend.

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